September 13, 2010

Nothing Fancy.

Feast in Wicker Park is adorable yet pretty plain Jane (I laughed when I wrote that phrase since I was there with boyfriend's mother named Jane, woo! I'm a nerd).

Next time I'll eat there when it isn't raining outside, since the main reason I was attracted to eat there in the first place was a result of the cute little outdoor patio/tent that branches off one side of it and wraps around the front of the purple stucco facade, but minus the weather, it was absolutely a treat to head there after Dailey Method class last weekend.

It's a pretty basic cuisine, but I guess it was cushioned by a really straightforward menu (and they let me eat a turkey burger without a bun at 10:57am on a Saturday morning wearing Jazz Pants from LuLulemon + a puffy vest). Thumbs up for accepting Mish in her state.

I actually think that I would go back to this casual non expensive spot. The menu offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, and alcohol. It's your generic "go to" American cuisine in the neighborhood that tasted good to me. Easy enough. Everyone that I went with (boyfriends parents and sister) got breakfast items and of course I wasn't in the mood since I'm just such a huge fan of making my own egg beaters at home using my own pan spray etc, so I got something from the lunch menu, of course, I laughed it off as I ordered but Doug's family is pretty conditioned with my generally strange personality, so it was a hardly a big deal. FYI, their turkey burger was FANTASTIC and had caramelized onions on it. Doug's mom and sister got oatmeal pancakes and said they were "good" (nothing great or exiting, but just plain alright). Sometimes that's what you want on a rainy Saturday morning, though, I guess. Also, I heard (from their input) that the bloody mary's on the menu were pretty tasty.

I'll have to go back to dinner considering that they have half price wine on Monday and Tuesday (my personal danger zone). Nothing authentic nor extra inspiration about the menu, except that it works, and you'll know what you want in 5 minutes or less because you'll be able to pronounce everything (unlike some fancy schmancy restaurants I've been to), and won't pay a crazy amount for friendly waiters.

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