February 26, 2011


After a tiring week in New York for work, Doug's "aunt" (not real aunt, but he calls her aunt Christie) was in town. I love this woman. She is incredible. Therefore, when she's in town, there is not a question in my mind that I'd choose to participate (or not) at a dinner she organizes when in Chicago. I just go (even if I've been heavily drinking, not sleeping, staying in a hotel for multiple days in a row, and chowing on waist thickening Italian restaurants for the past few days). We went to SUNDA. Once you go Sunda you don't go back. I want to live in this restaurant, purchase all the furniture, and could probably eat everything on the menu for all my snacks and meals for multiple days in a row. This place is a HIT, let me tell you. 

Although hard to find, at its address at 110 W Illinois, it's on the North side of the street if you are walking west from, in my case, the Ivy Room, where Doug and I are most likely planning to hold our rehearsal dinner. There is blue tile outside of the restaurant, which in no way prepares you for the interior which rests ahead. Walk inside the front door, and you're taken to a modern vintage Asian American escape of multi-layered long communal tables, a bar area, and a sushi bar with an elaborately textured straw hanging art collection dripping down the wall. Very cool. 

We ordered a bunch of things (thanks to Katie, my future sister in law's knowledge of the 1/2 price appetizers until 7:00pm with a 4-square deal) from the appetizer menu including a mushroom and green bean saute dish, Oxtail pot stickers, and edamame, followed by multiple sushi rolls, the Ocean Garden Salad, and delicious red wine. 

I'd highly recommend this place. Check out the website and have a visit for yourself! Just be careful of the restrooms in the basement--I'm sure the long stairway gets harder to treck down after a few of the luscious cocktails on the menu!