August 5, 2010

Green Thumbs (and in need of a manicure).

This week, I planted flowers for the first time since I was 9 in the front yard of my Wilmette home where I grew up.

I didn't really know what I was doing at first (didn't even know for sure how to actually remove the plants from the containers that they came in). Naturally, I took out a pair of scissors (who does that, honestly?) and started cutting the plastic containers off from around the roots. Stupid. Also not necessary at all. What I later discovered is that all you need to do is simply flip the plastic pot over, and gently pull out the plant. Ta da! Genius, Mish, hardly blonde at all for figuring that one out!

Doug also bought me a shovel with a red handle (love it and feel precious when I garden) and blue gloves. The blue gloves saved my finger nails from looking absolutely disgusting (like after planting the first set of items in pot #1) when I was working on the second pot. Phew!

My only warning, is that the soil needed to fill these pots is super heavy to carry up 4+ flights of stairs! I advise you get someone to help you carry them (or else put on a--or 2 in my case--sports bra, and some running shoes and use it as a mini strength workout....I'm still sore and I did the soil lifting on Tuesday night!).

I planted an assortment of "all sun only" flowers in these pots, as was shown on the tags from Home Depot. I wanted a mix of different shapes and textures in the planters, and didn't really do much research prior to planting...turns out it's pretty fool-proof and really looks fresh and charming, if I must admit myself. Actually, my favorite plant is the lavender plant (no it's not he one you think--the purple plant--it's the smaller all-green plant). It smells really lovely.

Make Note: Go to Home Depot first before any expensive luxury plant store. You'll save at least $100-150 dollars on plants and pots. The ones in my photo were only $42.00 each (instead of $80.00+ at a store in Lincoln Park). Plus they are plastic and easier to carry and clean.

I took some photos this morning when I watered the plants in my Lulu Lemon gear like any true soccer mom would. The gloves look cuter on (given that my hands are the size of a 5 year old), but you get the idea. Not sure why I'm excited about my new gray watering can, but I'm not embarrassed to admit it!

I'm looking forward to planting more things on the roof deck! Now let's just hope these live longer than 2 weeks. I may start taking bets!

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  1. Plenty of bees out there now, so I guess they must be relatively healthy.