August 4, 2010

Thank you, DISC MAKERS Inc. (DVD Manufacturing Company)

I did two things wrong this morning.
1. I woke up early to water my newly planted flowers on my front porch. (It rained for 5 hours this morning).
2. I didn't bring an umbrella to work. (It rained for 5 hours this morning).

I did one thing wrong in general:
1. I bought an expensive purse which requires more up-keep than my hair. (Probably why I look prepared to accept a Country Music award at my desk right now, since the bags went towards my Marc Jacobs purse leather rather than my locks). Photo provided to the right. Enjoy my stupid looking purse maintenance that totally worked.

The Story:
There were 60 mile per hour winds at 7:00am as I approached the gym while walking from the 56 Milwaukee bus. About 30 seconds later, it started to downpour, and I ended up with dirt in my hair, my mouth, and ran to the closest building to take shelter (just like I learned in 4th grade) since I literally thought a tornado was coming (if you saw what the sky looked like in the west loop, you probably would have thought a tornado was coming, too).

That brings me to a printing and DVD making company located at Jefferson and Washington. Thank you to Earl, the person who let me into their front door when I (must have) looked like a total psycho holding a pink J Crew pencil skirt, so it wouldn't get wrinkled, (instead it got completely soaked and exfoliated from the rough wind storm. Of course!), with no make up on (I am 99% sure I'm part albino so that must have looked particularly interesting).

Dear Earl,

Thanks for your help this morning. I must have looked like an albino monster but you didn't judge me, which was nice. I also appreciate your showing me the back door which led into the alley since that connected with my work building directly.


p.s. Your name is awesome.

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