September 6, 2010

When You Wish Upon a Star

Just like the Disney World Lyrics, I felt as though I was in a magic kingdom of my own after 3 San Antonio Slings at Big Star on Sunday during Labor Day weekend. Big Star is one of my favorite places in Chicago. Of course this is also dependent on the fantastic temperatures that we have been experiencing in Chicago. I've frequently been reminded of the blue sky with only a few clouds in it during the scene of Ferris Bueller's Day Off (best movie ever) when they finally sneak Sloan Petersen (wearing her white fringe jacket) to have a day in Chicago and are driving down the infamous Lake Shore Drive with the song "Beat City" is playing with the Ferrari top down. That's basically what the day was like when we (Doug and I plus two of our good friends--one in for business school in Evanston, and his wife) were sitting on the bright yellow chairs listening to Johnny Cash music in the beer garden of Big Star. Anything I say about the food and beverages at this hot spot will probably fail to do it justice because everything is fresh, fun, well prepared and CHEAP. Mazel Tov to the Jews! A timely post about cheap food for the Jewish New Year, eh? I timed it purposely. Just kidding.

Favorite Drink: San Antonio Sling (Simple Ingredients: 1. Grapefruit Juice, I had them add a splash of soda water and lessen the juice so I didn't feel like my stomach was spilling over my jeans by the time I left, 2. St. Germain, view their site, which is a liqueur made from Elderflower, 3. Herradura Tequila)

Favorite Food:

Ensalada De Big Star
: hearts of Romaine, radish, black bean, cucumber, red onion, avocado, toasted pumpkin seeds, mint, queso fresco, chile-ranch dressing

White Fish Taco: I couldn't find it on their site, though, but it's on the menu! It's a white fish grilled with slaw, Greek Yogurt Sauce (semi lower in fat that sour cream, yay!), and a radish on top. It's more like a crostini b/c it comes on a cracker type piece of bread. I actually put this in my salad. It was amazing. I could eat 6. Plus, all their smaller bites are only $2 to $3 bucks! Woo! Can I get another Mazel Tov?!

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