January 21, 2011

Saying "I Do" to the Shoe.

I've been snooping around trying to find something sparkly and fun for my wedding as far as my feet are concerned. I am not a huge "shoe person" in the least, as I would probably choose to get married in Reef Flip Flops if I could. They are certainly the most comfortable and easiest NOT to sprain my ankle while dancing in (my specialty). The first shoe that I have looked at is a cocktail party inspired item with some shine and playfulness on the toe. I like the nude color, and plan to wear a champagne colored dress for my rehearsal dinner. The second is a fantastic pair of sequin pumps from Kate Spade as well that I just die every time I look at. For those of you who don't know me nor my language choices, "I die" is an expression that I'm pretty sure I got from a co-worker of mine, but it's a good thing. When I say "I DIE" it can translate to "these are the coolest shoes in the world and they overwhelm me to the point I cannot breath." I think I'm going to keep these two pairs of shoes at the top of my list & hope for either a sale or coupons for Kate Spade soon. I'm also going down to the outlets soon and maybe I'll encounter a miracle and find the gold sequin & red wedding day pumps I want for less. Either way, I figure I'd wear them more than I think because they are amazeballs. Hopefully the outlets will also have a ton of flip flops that I can purchase to put into baskets on the dance floor, since I expect that everyone will really be breaking it down big time (to Lionel Richie of course).


January 19, 2011

Kings Speech

Doug and I saw the Kings Speech on Monday. It was seriously incredible. King George VI of England was an interesting character in his time. Although only kind for about 6 years, he certainly stepped up to the plate when he was needed. Not even expected to take the throne, he came to the rescue when his brother decided against this role (given his desire to marry a, from what the film portrayed, totally unattractive twice married socialite). I don't really understand why anyone would give up that power for a twice divorced woman like Wallis Simpson, but what grounds do I have to judge. I looked up her photograph and she did look more attractive than in the movie, after all. I guess I would really think hard before giving up the privilege to have a strong political role in my country for a relationship. I'm honestly not sure what I would do in that situation. I loved this film. It was powerful and moving, yet quirky and hysterical. Well written, well acted, and brilliantly cast. Above is the photo of George VI. I can't even think about stammering because he's so good looking (not different from Colin Firth!). I love stories about the underdog! It makes me think of being 4 foot 8 in high school and actually having friends, haha, sad.....

Scottie Pippen.

Last week I did two things that I normally don't do-I went to a Bulls game (thank you Christian's employers) and I also went to see Wicked (thank you, Katie, future sister in law, what a great Christmas gift!) two days later. Both places I went, Scottie Pippen was a member of the audience. What are the odds?

Before the Bulls game, we went to West End. I had one of the better turkey burgers in a long time. This was an all white meat burger with BRIE on it. Totally made the difference & tasted delicious with the Raisinetes that I had in my purse. Hah. My bridesmaid and co-worker, Kate, and I can boil down our basketball watching experience to one favorite thing-the Jr. Luvabulls. These adorable little 10 year old nuggets were jamming out on the court. I died. It was seriously precious. Doug won't stop asking me to audition for the regular Luvabulls because that is how I frequently spazz dance around the kitchen, but I wouldn't ever be caught dead in spandex on a basketball court with a sequined v-neck on. Sorry for partying.

Two days later, Scottie was spotted again, this time at the Cadillac Theater while Katie and I made our way to watch the musical "Wicked." Prior to that, we went to Hub 51. I ordered something I haven't ever ordered--the Brussels Sprouts with Manchengo Cheese. Man was it good, I highly recommend it. I always seem to find something new at Hub! I'm more excited each time that I visit there to have my engagement party in the Green Room on the first floor. I'm nervous for my parents to meet Doug's parents but excited about the venue, so that's all that matters, right? Hah. Back to "Wicked." This was the most hilarious play I have ever seen. Literally. Hilarious Plus the main character was a blonde Jew. YAY. Best. I was impressed by the sarcastic writing & characters developed in the play, and the experience was topped off by the chocolates we purchased at CVS and snuck into the theater!

Funny that Scottie was in both places. Who would have thought he liked musicals? We saw a limo after the show, it was probably his!


January 17, 2011

Delivering Happiness

On the way to Colorado, I picked up my typical 45 magazines and books in the airport because I am seriously unable to sleep on airplanes and get ADD within 5 minutes of getting onto the plane. I purchased a nice collection of food magazines (my favorites to read when I'm on airplanes & tear out the recipes I like to make when I return from my trip) and a book named Delivering Happiness about the creation of Zappos.com. It is by far the most inspirational book that I have read in a long time. Tony Hsieh is brilliant at imagining an idea and exceuting that idea until the end. My flight to the Denver International Airport flew by, as I read the trials and tribulations of the road to success for this young executive. He's also someone that's full of personality and warmth. An entrepreneur from the start, Tony was always chasing creative solutions to aspirations. I only wish that I had an ounce of his gusty risk-taking personality. Sure, I can chat up a room of people I don't know, and public speak, but it made me think about how rare it is to create something on your own. My dad has done it (he had great success with his own computer programming company) and another of my good friends started her own wine business called Bottlenotes. It's a wine website that is unique and bringing the wine world together one internet user at a time. What a cool idea. These people amaze me & I'd love to start something of my own one day. I always wanted to have an entertaining business of some sort. I'll just have to keep everyone posted on what I land on. Thanks Tony for writing this book that brought your company to life. I loved it!