September 13, 2010

Hello Malbec. I'm Mish.

Oh hello crab tamales and a little Argentine Malbec. It's Michelle Susan Goldstein, formerly known in my 1st grade journal as "Michele Sowsin" at the time when I couldn't spell very well (which is comparable to the state I was in when I left this restaurant after a delectable meal late last week with the boyfriends parents who were also, I think, a few glasses of wine in themselves).

I highly suggest that you take someone that loves an innovative yet simplistic meal to this new spot. Mexique, on w Chicago Avenue in Wicker Park/Bucktown Area, is the new place to try. As I mentioned, I ventured there with the boyfriend, his sister, and the parental units in from Connecticut. We had a few glasses of
Clos de la Siete (one of my favorites) before leaving for dinner, while showing them the sweet view from our roof deck. It was windy yet pleasant. I even got a chance to bust out my infamous hand-me-down snow suit from a co-worker that I plan to wear at the boyfriends' sisters birthday party (in December) that I'm throwing on our roof (a snow suit party).

I ramble. Please excuse. We got in a cab to the restaurant. Upon arriving, appetizers were ordered and then we waited a while for our main courses to come out. Below is what I ordered. Both items were superbly cooked. The sauces were fantastic. Clearly, the chef has had some classical training and knows exactly how to put a dish together. All the flavors were perfectly created in our (super cool, I might add) plates.

Seafood Mousse Tamal Cooked in Banana Leaves Stuffed with Crab Meat Fricassee. Lemon Confit and Salsa Veracruzana.

Pollo Relleno:
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Artichokes and Shitake Mushrooms. Served with Roasted Vegetable Quinoa, Tomatillo-Alcaparrado Sauce and Radish Sprouts.

Check out the Menu.

Here is my review in sum:
Great wine.
Better food than wine (which is a hard review for me to easily give since I am a wino).
Terrible service, which was corrected by an apology by the chef. So it's a wash.

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  1. The service wasn't bad, per se, but the entrees took a little too long to come out. Chef Carlos did come out and apologize and answer any questions at the end of the meal, which was great.