January 1, 2011

I'll Be Back.

Not to sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, but "I'LL BE BACK" to my blog soon! I've been with the future in-laws skiing and boozing way too much considering the altitude of Breckenridge, Colorado, where the Malcolm Family Lodge resides (altitude x wine = death to Mish). Topics to look forward to hearing about include but are not limited to the following: skiing my first black diamonds, going wild and crazy at the Denver J Crew Outlet, drinking with the trashed owner of a whole in the wall Mexican restaurant to bring in the new year, finding a quick set of fixes for hair maintenance when in awkward situations with minimal hair tools, and MORE. Get excited.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. I'll be back from Colorado on Monday night (January 3rd) and am looking forward to a great start to the new year including a cleanse & not drinking a drop of alcohol (i.e. no bottles of red wine casually on Tuesday nights) in January. I'll share that progress on my blog as well. Lots to look forward to.