October 11, 2010

I Feel Pretty.

Try these two places in Wicker Park. You won't be disappointed. Michael Anthony for hair, and Juko for nails. My thoughts regarding both are below. Both are located between Hoyne and Damen on Divison.


I'm always confused why some are either so hard to get an appointment at some Nail Salons in the city, or that others force me to pay more than $25.00 for some special manicure (thank you very much, if I want the 'Special Pumpkin Spa Rub Treatment, I'll go home and mix some canned pumpkin puree from Trader Joe's into a bowl with my face scrub and do it for myself for 10 minutes....actually that's a good idea, I might try that!) that is entirely not necessary.

Juko is your place to be for the following reasons below:
1. Cute interior.
2. No wait (EVER--even on a Saturday morning at 10:45 when everyone and their mother, literally, are there plus their pets).
3. Extremely cost effective. It's only $15.00 for a manicure that lasts weeks.
4. You can drink wine there (they have some or you can bring some).
5. Tuesday offers a $34.00 manicure and pedicure discount.
6. They have a warranty on their work--1 week of a pedicure, if you see anything chipped, go back! They will give you a free polish change. 3 days for a manicure, if something happens, go back and they will take care of it for you, no problem. That's what I call service! No one does that anymore!
7. The owner is adorable and wears rompers with pumps and remembers your name after meeting you ONE time. Impressive. I remember in college I was in group projects with people for a semester and learned their name on the last day. Nice Mish. Nice.
8. The name sounds like Jew-Co. So I like it.
9. They play movies while you get your nails done.

Address: 2130 W Division

HAIR: Michael Anthony
I actually tried a new place (no, I'm not really one of those people who are obsessed with ONE hair dresser and will practically become suicidal if they switch states or move salons) to get my hair trimmed this week. It's called Michael Anthony Salon. Totally worth the money for the haircut (it was $50.00 for a hair cut and blow dry) and it is also a few blocks from my apartment. Excellent.

Here are the reasons why this place is awesome:
1. Fast! I was in and out in 39 minutes with check out time included.
2. My hair cut was even, well done and simple. Exactly what I wanted.
3. The sales staff don't try to sell you on 457 Aveda Products when you are there. I love that. I'm actually more likely to purchase if they aren't ramming stuff down my throat.
4. It was easy to make an appointment and they answer their calls even on Monday when the salon is closed.
5. They tell you ahead of time they don't take credit card tips. Very helpful.

Address: 2038 W Division
Phone: 773.772.0707

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