October 10, 2010

Popping my CHAIR-y.

We are no longer side chair virgins. Woo! West Elm comes to the rescue again. A quick decision was made one day, and Doug and I took yet another trip to West Elm. Yes, I officially have a company credit card which was opened for me by a very enthusiastic salesperson on a Saturday morning when I was hungover. Excellent.

Hello Tulip Leather Chair in Honey,
My name is Mish. I'm looking forward to becoming friends. I'm sure we will have many fun nights together in front of the TV. Hopefully you enjoy your tweed Blue Line pillow friend. Welcome to Wicker Park.

I just wanted to share this new addition to my living room. We felt it was a nice new texture to balance out the room with another neutral tone. And also what I found out, is that a West Elm card is actually worth it if you plan on making a good deal of larger purchases since you actually get money back on all your point accrued (unlike my trusty old J Crew card).

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