January 17, 2011

Delivering Happiness

On the way to Colorado, I picked up my typical 45 magazines and books in the airport because I am seriously unable to sleep on airplanes and get ADD within 5 minutes of getting onto the plane. I purchased a nice collection of food magazines (my favorites to read when I'm on airplanes & tear out the recipes I like to make when I return from my trip) and a book named Delivering Happiness about the creation of Zappos.com. It is by far the most inspirational book that I have read in a long time. Tony Hsieh is brilliant at imagining an idea and exceuting that idea until the end. My flight to the Denver International Airport flew by, as I read the trials and tribulations of the road to success for this young executive. He's also someone that's full of personality and warmth. An entrepreneur from the start, Tony was always chasing creative solutions to aspirations. I only wish that I had an ounce of his gusty risk-taking personality. Sure, I can chat up a room of people I don't know, and public speak, but it made me think about how rare it is to create something on your own. My dad has done it (he had great success with his own computer programming company) and another of my good friends started her own wine business called Bottlenotes. It's a wine website that is unique and bringing the wine world together one internet user at a time. What a cool idea. These people amaze me & I'd love to start something of my own one day. I always wanted to have an entertaining business of some sort. I'll just have to keep everyone posted on what I land on. Thanks Tony for writing this book that brought your company to life. I loved it!

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