August 29, 2010

Suite Sweet!

I had the privilege of visiting my company suite at Soldier Field for a pre-season game this past Saturday. How cool! We went up a series of elevators, down a strange winding hallway, then ended up at a marble counter-topped multi level suite with a view that nearly looked as though there was no protection between the exterior of the stadium and the interior of the sky box.

Cheese, appetizers, snacks, wings, burgers, and drum roll please....GUMMY BEARS on the dessert cart truly made my weekend. Plus, the alcohol selection was DIY (where you don't feel bad for making a couple of cocktails every 20 minutes with someone monitoring the amount of alcohol consumption). That's all I need right? More free alcohol!

Although the Bears defense has struggled at times throughout the preseason, Pro Bowl defensive end Julius Peppers remains extremely confident in the unit. That didn't really show through so much in the pre-season game that we saw. I sat next to two 10 year old kids that had a larger appetite than I do (they were so cute I wanted to eat their faces) who were obsessed with #13, Johnny Knox. "That wouldn't have happened if Johnny Knox was playing" they kept saying.

Remember the super shuffle? I wish we were back to those days.

Let's go Bears!

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