August 26, 2010

Friends with Benefits.

According to Wikipedia, an alliance is an agreement or friendship between two or more parties, made in order to advance common goals and to secure common interests.

Well, let me tell you that a friendship (with extensive benefits) has been officially created between me and Alliance Bakery & Cafe, who supplied me with 30+ Macaroons a Vanilla Frosted Blondie Bar, and a few Lemon Bars. I am unsure why I choose to capitalize dessert names, but maybe it's because they tasted absolutely incredible for our baby shower this afternoon at work. I needed somewhere to pick up treats from in order to help a friend of mine have an adorable and tasty baby shower (she's due in October) and considering she's someone who also shares my passions (J Crew and online shopping) it was well worth the stop into our neighborhood bakery.

It seems like this spot has been on the map for a while, and has survived through all the dessert fads (cupcakes, etc) and just served quality products to those who live closest to it's maroon colored awning. On the way to the buses and the El stop on Division, I would recommend this vintage looking & wonderful smelling bakery. I even got hit on by the same 70 year old man who sits outside the doors on a bench eating the same lemon scone & coffee each morning (sarcastic eye roll) but still, a further testament to the fact that time really does tell when it comes to good baking and delicious treats.
According to their website, Chef Peter Rios operates the Alliance Bakery & Café. (and has served as executive pastry chef at the Fairmont Hotel Chicago in their pastry department). Prior to Fairmont, he served as executive pastry chef at Sofitel Hotel Chicago. Clearly a distinguished background with extensive training!

Their website is useless and unattractive, so just go there. Here is the address:
1736 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622
They open at 6:00am

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