August 23, 2010

Mish's Apartment Had a Farm

And on that farm there was a rooster.

Don't worry, I'll stop the song there.

I purchased two roosters (and Doug purchased two animals holding guns...a rabbit and a panda) from Wicker Park Festival, the first weekend (actually second day) that we were living in our new apartment. I figured that we could make a nice little (Type A organized) farm scene in our guest bathroom. The strange people who lived in our apartment before us certainly had some awkward taste in paint colors, but the bathroom was one wall we decided to keep, with the olive coloring on the walls and a slightly lighter olive ceiling. I felt that crisp white would be the best compliment to the coloring (any more green and our guests may feel as though they are walking into a rain forest for crying out loud).

I (Doug) hung the two roosters, Sam and Frank (I have no idea why those are the names that came to mind but I'm sticking with them) above each other. I think that the frames set up the way they are truly draws the eye up to the high ceiling. Although his website doesn't say much about his style of artwork, it's essentially layering of ink prints on top of each other that create a textured look.

Artist Name: Tim McGuire
Artist Website:

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