August 23, 2010

Pretty in Pink.

I promised I wouldn't post any photos of myself and/or of my friends and boyfriend on my blog. Sorry for partying, but this one had to go up. I was eagerly awaiting the posting of this photo for weeks after the themed wedding of one of Doug's co-workers went down, and well, the wait was worth it. I don't know if I really need to explain more other than getting to go to prom (when you are taller than 4 foot 8 like I was in high school) with an acne free face is a treat. Sad but true. Probably two of the more creative and hipster people that I met through Doug (both "Creatives" at the advertising agency where he works) threw a wedding reception atop the roof of their apartment on W Grand in Wicker Park (I believe on the awesome tickets they created, they called it the "Starlight Ballroom"). Everything was "DIY" (Do It Yourself), and crafted from hand for this special celebration.

I went to Ragstock in Lakeview, the Mecca of 80s prom gear (there was never a choice for my costume. We were doing 80's enough said). I purchased a pink $12.00 dress for myself and a blue ruffled item for Doug to sport. Excellent. I watched Duckie and Andy in Pretty in Pink (best movie ever) while ironing out my dress before going. The woman at the store said to me "honey, this dress may have been created in the 80's, but it was really made for you." I swear that it was custom made for Mish in 1982, transported through time, and then it was supposed to find me. The tailored waistline fit perfectly. Luckily, I wore flip flops with my dress so I could really work it on the Prom Photo arch & balloon covered booth area. Good choice! What a great idea. Best part was that there was a candy table there too. I love eating candy. I have a sweet tooth. It's fine.

Moral of the Post: Here is the Ragstock Website with their locations. Go there and get something hilarious.

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