February 27, 2011

Trattoria Number 1,234

I swear that there are over 1,000 "Trattoria's" in Chicago. We went to one of them last night with our close friends Christopher and Beth. They are an amazing couple that Doug and I have learned a great deal from (Doug works with Christopher now and has for years at his previous advertising agency). Beth is about to graduate as a doctor shortly, and is one of those people that has more unique and elaborate stories than anyone I know. Despite the fact that I'm not a huge fan of Italian food, when this couple asks you to go to dinner with them, (similar to Doug's "Aunt" Christie) you JUST GO. 

Trattoria No 10 is actually where we ended up on Saturday night. It's in the West Loop and is a restaurant which sits below street level, very old school Italian. Darker inside with mixed tile and floral carpeted floors. To be honest, I enjoyed the wine and the company more than the food...but don't get me wrong, the food wasn't that bad! I just am not a big pasta eater and getting very simply prepared fish at restaurants is only fun when you haven't been at a work trip all week choosing the seafood option at Italian restaurants.

I ordered some mahi with walnuts, butternut squash puree, and also some green beans. Prior to that, in addition to the Cabernet, I also split a prosciutto plate with Doug. Both were just "good" nothing was amongst the most amazing prosciutto or fish I'd ever had, but at least I had dark chocolate in my purse to hold me over before we went to Sepia for after drink drinks and dessert. 

Doug ordered a tomato based pasta dish with muscles, and Beth and Christopher ordered pork ravioli and a risotto dish. Both were good, but actually not what Beth had a craving for (thus our escape to the familiar and wonderful confines of the Sepia bar scene with our charming Aussie vest wearing bartender). 

{@ SEPIA, so therefore, the photo needed to be in Sepia tone, yes?}
I'd just say, that if you are craving Italian, just go to Rose Angelis on Wrightwood. You won't be let down. I included the photo of us when we were out, rather than any of our food. Nor did I want to include what we ordered at Sepia, since it would completely outshine everything we ordered at Trattoria. 


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