January 9, 2011

Ski Bunny.

Two nights before my trip to Breckenridge to meet up with the future mother and father in law, plus the (fine I'll use this word) fiance and sister in law, the whole couch fiasco happened. The fuse also blew, and nothing was turning on, including the internet. The night before my flight took off, I went to 3 different parties and was pretty wasted when I got home. So I was trying to use an envelope to write down my flight information so I wouldn't forget it, since I, of course, didn't have the chance to print anything out the day before at work because I was too concerned with getting to the first holiday party on time with the bowl my fantastic co-worker (slash full time entertainer/cook) had lent me for my September housewarming party. Phew. What a mess. I made my flight on time & checked in at the airport. Not my style, but it worked.

Thursday and Friday before NYE, I skied. It was -8F without wind chill factor (-30F with the wind chill). You've got to be kidding me. Of course I prefer a beach and a tequila beverage, but I didn't want to be a huge weenie so I just bit the bullet, ignored my snow pants that made my hips look approximately 10 inches wider than they are normally, slapped on a toe warmer pad (lovely photo below of my foot) and did a ski school course & then went out on the slopes with the family. I did just fine. Only two falls in a few days (I've still got bruises to prove it). I was not told that no blue runs existed on the first set of slopes I did on Friday with the Malcolm family! Oh well. Nothing like being told "Mish, we lied to you. There are no blues here, only BLACK DIAMONDS." Oh boy. At least that seemed to be the push I needed to get my skiing groove back. I actually think that I'll like it more in the future than I ever have before. Maybe I'll just stick to spring skiing! Plus, I unfortunately didn't get to wear the barf colored tie die awesome one piece that I intended on wearing, since it was just too cold to fit the necessary layers underneath it. We did the typical "sit in the hot tub in a snow storm" act for a while a few days in a row as well. My toes were completely frozen, so it hurt at first when I sat down! All in all, a great trip.

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