October 28, 2010

Rock the Vote.

Well. This isn't easy to say. I am not registered to vote. I'll give you a moment of silence to judge me for it. It's alright, I deserve it.


Okay. Moment has passed. I'm happy to inform all that I have now gone ahead and filled out the initial questions online, printed out the form, and will send it in this week so I'm now registered to vote. I guess I was raised to really be indifferent as far as voting is concerned. My parents are wonderful, but I think I'll make sure I make it a point to emphasize the importance of leadership in our country and how we all have a part in it. In case you are one of those people who hasn't registered yet, I went to the lame yet helpful website that I heard about while watching Gossip Girl one night. This site is all about celebrities pushing people to learn about voting and to actually get involved. Yep, it was time for me to do so myself. Sometimes, I just need to be reached in a tangible way for me to understand something...unfortunately, this time it was a familiar celebrity face telling me where to go. So I followed their directions and went to Rock the Vote. I know, coolest name ever for a website (eye roll). It's really easy. Just follow the steps. Print out the PDF. Send the information in.

First comes cooking. Then comes knitting. Then comes voting. Hey, I never said I followed social norms for anything. I'm just at my own pace!


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  1. Great Post Mish! But I think you missed the voting registration deadline to vote in the November 2 general election?