August 10, 2010

Girl and the Goat (and the good Chickpea salad).

Decor is stunning, table set up is innovative, menu is unique, and (my main focus yesterday at a casual birthday happy hour) the drink menu is mighty.

Girl and the Goat, I will be returning shortly to enjoy a full blown meal, and can't wait. After getting a taste of what this newly established venue has to offer, I'm already impressed.


Location: 809 W Randolph St

Perks: 8 Halsted Bus to Lincoln Park and Lakeview very close, same with the 56 Milwaukee Bus to Wicker Park and Bucktown (yay for public transportation).

Items of interest to note upon my first (of many) visits to come, was the special tables featured at the back of the restaurants. Two "Kings Tables" grace the back of the restaurant. They each sit up to ten, at comfortable padded chairs fit for a King. Underneath them was a tile pattern on the floor which looked almost like a large rug to frame them. Super cool. Also, on each end of the kitchen, which is open to the restaurant, and Stephanie Izzard, the Executive Chef, checks each plate as it leaves the kitchen, are two tables of 2, which actually face the kitchen (they are called Expo tables I learned from one of the owners). I have been told that the one on the West side is ideal to sit at given that its closer to the action where all the meats are grilled. Shh! It can be requested, but they are usually always in demand, so scoring one of those items is quite a feat. Good thing no one reads my blog or else I would be worried about the unavailability of these tables if everyone knew about them!

I tried the Chickpea Salad 3 Ways--it was incredible & a nice textural representation of this ingredient. Along with that I had a nibble at some Goat Cheese Flat Bread with the most delectable caramelized onions on top, plus some greens (so I felt halfway healthy). They also had quite a nice representation of micro brews, so I'll be taking the boyfriend there for certain. The menu changes almost daily (I've been told), given the fresh ingredients locally grown by the handful of farmers they mention at the bottom of their menu, so I'm not even sure if these items will be around next time I visit. I'm going to eat there within the next few weeks, for sure. I will review my items and let you know what yummy items I come across.



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