September 2, 2010

125, 900, 25, 0, 70, 2136

No, don't worry. I'm not trying to write a new 80's song "8675309" style. These are the numbers which added up to my purchasing a new blue dress for my friends wedding in October. Yes, I plan ahead so I go shopping for things insanely early. Sorry for partying, I'm type A and can't help it.

This is the dress I bought. I hope it fits! Should be here this week. It's a one-sided bright blue piece.

= Bus that I took from the corner of Madison and Canal to get off at Chicago and Michigan.

= Address where I walked to on Michigan Avenue & saw a few people I knew on the street while walking to J Crew & eating pretzels out of my purse. I never go shopping on an empty stomach because I end up making terrible purchasing decisions.

= The number of dollars I had via discount J Crew card. Finally that stupid J Crew credit card that I have has paid off. By the way, I am obsessed with J Crew and highly recommend against opening a J Crew card. I think they are absolutely worthless.

= I'm Jewish. I am cheap with my money (getting better about that actually) and don't like to pay shipping. I'll do anything not to pay shipping like walk to a J Crew store or take a few buses to save the extra money. It adds up! I used the Red Phone within the J Crew walls to make sure that I wasn't charged shipping for any ground handling. Love that.

= I walked about 5 minutes from the store, and right in front of the Newberry Library (my friend got married there a few years ago, I hear it's one of the most gorgeous places to tie the knot!) is a 70 bus stop. I must have timed it perfectly, because I only had to read 5 pages (i.e. one story about Chelsea Handler hooking up with a midget) of "My Horizontal Life" written by Chelsea Handler, and the bus pulled up. For some reason I was the only one on it. Must not have been anyone who actually wanted to leave the Gold Coast and head to Wicker Park, eh?

= My home address. I ate an entire meal standing at the counter while still wearing my purse. A common occurrence. I'm just always so hungry! Lay off me, I'm starving!

Morals of the Story:
J Crew has new Fall Wedding Dresses. Click here to see the collection. They are gorgeous.
CTA has an awesome Bus Tracker. Click here to use it. Find your bus.

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  1. I ended up deciding to return this dress. Stay posted! I got a new one that's navy.