November 14, 2010

If I Was Green, I Would Die.

Oh I remember the good old days of Eiffel 65. I had the CD, I'm not going to lie to you. I even recall that someone choreographed a dance to that song for "Dance Day" at New Trier High School because of the popularity of the song. I miss dance day (we took off a whole day of high school classes to perform pieces student and teacher choreographed...totally unique experience that I'm not sure could be matched. We were really lucky at New Trier with our fine arts program!).

Blue was the color of the hour this weekend, let me tell you. We just hired Lee Painting (Mr. Lee in specific) to come in and do some painting in our front room(s) that all connect with each other (i.e. the Kitchen, Dining Room, and Living Room). We got the ceiling and trim painted in a crisp white color. Previously, it was off white, more of a glossy egg shell color. Bleh. The last people who had the walls painted really loved that shiny khaki look, which we felt made the room feel darker and more closed off. Immediately after the workers started (an hour or so late because they got lost coming here although they had previously been at my apartment to price out the job (?)). No big deal. It all worked out.

The Benjamin Moore coloring of the paint for the accent wall was "Philipsburg Blue" and the remaining walls were painted "Thundercloud Gray." I chose that gray color for the coordinating walls because I felt like it had a small fleck of blue in it, and that the overall streamline feel from the Dining Room wall to the surrounding areas would be cohesive. I know that it sounds like I have an idea what I'm talking about. It's really a result of my Interior Design friend (and long time High School friend) Annie, who is well versed in interiors and I was lucky enough to come home from work one day with a fun package containing a few samples of colors and magazine tear outs to further help me visualize what the room would look like. I love it. I really enjoy how the room came to life, and the colorful Dining Room rug we have that you'll see in the photos I've included really come to life. Excellent. Don't mind that the curtains were all twisted up. I guess I'll have to take those darn West Elm nuggets down and re-iron awkwardly (without any parts falling on the floor since they are WHITE, always a strange project to tackle). Ignore when you look at the wall colorings.

....and just because I have to, here is the "Blue" song.

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