November 17, 2010


Hello Friends!

Here is a quick update a few things I am really enjo
ying as far as the beauty front is concerned. My top 3 items are listed below. I love these products, and you should too!


Item 1: Solia Hair Dryer
Item 2: Clinique Face Cream, Youth Surge

Item 3: OPI Fall/Winter Polish, Ski Teal We Drop (Swiss Collection)

Ralphie from 'A Christmas Story' wanted a Red
Ryder 440 BB Gun. I wanted the Solia 1875W Thermal Ionic Hair Dryer.

I decided that I
deserved it (plus it was on sale with free shipping and a free brush, so I made the purchase while preparing for a meeting at work). Thankfully I work with cool people who show me fantastic beauty oriented websites so I can find items like this that don't fry my hair off. It really makes a huge difference. I rate this dryer 5 stars. It makes my hair feel smoother and sleeker and has special details you won't find in a piece of crap dryer such as this chord is longer (so when drying your hair, you aren't standing smack dab up to the mirror) and also the Solia is pretty quiet for all the power that it offers. It dries my hair in a about 5-7 minutes faster (no joke) than my old retired Walgreen's piece of junk. It's funny because we were chatting about hair dryers at my desk at work, and apparently our use of the word "blow" when someone stepped into my cube had him cracking up and asking questions about what we were really talking about. Oh boys. They are so stupid and they always have usually one thing on their mind....

Check out the website. I have found products here that I haven't found elsewhere. Click here to view the site (especially if you are in the market for a new hair dryer). There are a good deal of promotions going on now and always, as far as the shipping is concerned, I really don't think you ever have to pay it when visiting this site. Horray! Mazel Tov Folica!

Youth Surge Clinique Moisturizer. The best stuff I've ever used. Plus, it doesn't make me break out. A Proactiv user to the core growing up with terrible skin, I am still accustomed to watching out for products that will upset my sensitive skin. I wish I could have olive skin, but I guess that's just the way that the cookie crumbles. I put this on my neck too. I think skin is important. I especially like how it's for people from ages 22-32. Right in my age bracket. I think this helps protect the skin I have now for the future as opposed to correcting using drastic measures when I'm older and my skin has already been damaged. I'm not saying that I'm a saint at maintaining my skin after years of climbing out my back window of my Wilmette home (I had the back bedroom that was freezing in the winter) and laying on the roof with oil on my face. Ah the joys of trying to get tan in high school. I'll never do that again! Buy this in any department store or Sephora/Ulta.

OPI Swiss Collection 2010. My favorite. What did we do before the days of OPI? Don't answer that. It's a stupid question, really, but no matter how much I try to enjoy the brands that drug stores offer as far as their nail selections, I can't because ever since I got my first manicure using OPI, it was hard to go back. This is one of my favorite colors, up there with "Black Onyx" and "Lincoln Park After Dark," oldies but goodies. The first time I wore a darker shade of nail polish home, my mom said "are you GOTH?" No mom, I said, it's trendy. OPI says so. And for my wedding, I'm doing Black Onyx on the bridesmaids. If you are reading this and are one of my bridesmaids (I have yet to announce them but you probably know who you are already) I hope that's okay with you!
I'd suggest that you look for this product on Amazon in case you'd like to purchase. They have pretty good rates! Or at the salon is always a fair bet.


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