November 16, 2010

Mustache + November = Movember.

Well, ladies and gents, it's that time of year. The month of November when Doug grows a special stache (a "mo" as the Australians call it) to participate in the larger program established by the Movember Foundation. This foundation is a registered non-profit organization that is responsible for raising funds for male health (specifically for cancer affecting men such as Prostate cancer) . This effort was originally established in Australia (Doug plays Australian Rules football, and that's how he got involved in this facial hair growing related charity), and seems to have stuck within the United States quite well.

I literally burst out laughing when doing some research prior to this posting & reading the website, to learn that the "Movember women supporters" of the Movember movement (and men having creepy mustaches) are known as "Mo Sistas" (view the caption from the website below). I would like to please now be known as "Mish the Mo Sista" effective immediately throughout the end of November.

All jokes aside, seriously have a look at the final amount raised last year: $40 MILLION DOLLARS! I didn't know the nu
mber was that high. I have a new respect and/or understanding of why Doug does this (other than feeling like Tom Selleck in his mustache glory days). It's hilarious, awesome, and for a good cause.

"Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by getting friends and family to donate to their Mo-growing efforts. The rules are simple: register online at and start the month of Movember clean-shaven, then grow a moustache for 30 days. Last year, 255,722 men and women across the globe raised $40 million (USD) - all through the power of the Mo." (My favorite quote, by far, taken from the Movember Foundation website).

I am going to donate to this cause. I think it's awesome. I think everyone should donate, too. By clicking here, you'll learn his motivation for growing the scary looking facial hair ("to send women and children running in fear... for a good cause. Also, Sam Elliott") and will also be able to donate.

After all this mustache talk, I was also thinking about doing something interesting for my wedding reception fun, which incorporates these mustaches. I think that, if we had a photo booth, that would be really hysterical to have mustache cut outs on a stick. I included some photos from a craft blog that I think are well done. It's from the Lisa Welge blog site. Photos below. I love it.

Signing off,
Your Mo Sista Mish

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