November 18, 2010

Sweet Dreams.

I love the two neutrals to follow.
Too busy for Doug. I already know it. The stripes might be cool.

I need a headboard. Help! I'm going to purchase some fabric and am also interested in taking some sowing courses down the street from my apartment at this location called The Needle Shop (not to be confused with something that sounds like a tattoo parlor). At first I was thinking about creating a headboard from scratch, then I thought that might seem like a huge amount of work that I'm not really able to do myself (I have no idea how to use a saw?).

Disclaimer: Doug if you are reading this, I hope you don't get too freaked out by the fact that I may or may not enjoy a few busy fabrics here and there. I'll try to keep it in control. We usually have similar taste, so trust me on this. I'm a huge fan of the photo above (from a site called "Apartment Therapy").

Type of Fabric I'm Looking For: Clean, yet textured looking. Modern (not overly floral or heavily patterned). Using the colors blue, white, black, gray or neutral tone. Shouldn't be too hard, right? Let me know if anyone has seen anything they like recently.

Best Headboard Website I've Found: The Headboard Store. Website Here.

Proposed Headboard Fabric Options (in case I decide to purchase an older one and upholster it myself). These are all from the Needle Shop just around the corner from my home.

Alexander Henry Home Decor Fabric. Clean yet a b
it textured. Grey and white (with a blue-gray feel to it, which would match the lighter gray/blue drapes).

Kaffe Fassett Swatch. I like this because it's a textural navy color.

Robert Kaufman Swatch. It's in 'Extreme White' color. I think this could be cool. It has some gray in it, too.

If anyone has made a headboard and would suggest or warn, let me know. I'll post what I end up choosing in the end!

Sweet Dreams! Maybe with a trendy headboard, I'll stop sleep talking...meh....not a chance.

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