November 21, 2010

Quest for the Dress.

Shoes on my feet (I bought it), Wedding Dress I think that's neat (I bought it).

Yes, it's true. First of all, that I think I know at least 5 words of a Destiny Child's song by heart (I'm terrible at lyrics of songs, so when I get a few lyrics in a row correct, it's a big moment) and second of all, I bought a wedding dress this past Saturday.

I know everyone thinks I'm crazy because it's so far in advance, but I swear that I have never been so sure about anything in my life as I was about the dress that I purchased. I
walked out after buying 2 dresses total. One to be used for the rehearsal dinner and the other for the wedding day. I will obviously not post photos of my purchases for fear of Doug seeing them but I will certainly go ahead and rave buckets about the local designer that I purchased my dresses from. I must say that feel better to be fostering local business. Okay, let the raving begin...and have a look at her website too while you read. It gorgeous, just like her collections.

Designer Name: Caroline DeVillo
Visit her

First of all, the studio space on Damen is adorable. It's warm, clean, vintage feeling and inviting. It's an old school apartment space that is basically the length of the same building that Benefit and Feast are in on Damen. The floors are wooden and the walls are a light blue. Each person with an appointment gets the entire place to themselves. I love that. The woman who helped me was knowledgeable and open minded. She was very straightforward when it came to pricing and products. She knew each fabric available and which line it came from. Plus, since this was a boutique style place, each dress is essentially custom made to fit the customer.

That leads me to my second reason I was obse
ssed with this designer. This boutique is able to modify the dress per your specifications. For example, I wanted everything very simple. They were able to replace a flower/bow shaped accent with a smooth thick white satin ribbon instead. Further reinforcing why this was the right choice for me. I was going to go with J Crew, and am glad that I made a choice that feels more personal. Everyone knows I'm a J Crew freak, but in this case, I had to broaden my horizons. Plus, boutiques typically are able to handle alterations if needed, and I'd much prefer to have someone tweaking my costly wedding dress who knows the cut & lay of the fabric. I have included an image from CS Brides (Winter 2009) where Caroline's dresses are matched up alongside Vera Wang & Badgley Mischka dresses! Another thing off my list. Excellent.



  1. You are way ahead of me on this one! I've yet to try on a single dress! I'm sure yours is beautiful ...


  2. First of all, congrats! You are probably all over this stuff but I can't help but be excited for you and its only my nature to share what little I know:

    - Indie Wed Chicago is on 1/29 in Ravenswood. A few of my friends have had excellent luck finding inspiration and suppliers:

    - And I know you've probably been to tons of weddings: have any of the DJs from Toast & Jam been in charge of the tunes? If you're not doing a live band, a highly suggest them for their 21st century mix of old & new with nothing cheesy:

    Good luck with the planning! And shopping :-)