November 10, 2010

Wilmette Life.

When I was growing up in Wilmette, I lived behind the Pioneer Press (a newspaper company producing a multitude of local papers, including the infamous Wilmette Life). It was a huge lighter brick building/warehouse looking space and I remember trying to look through the windows of it as papers were being printed, from my perched spot on top of the monkey bars that my parents had built for my brother and I in our backyard. There was a strip of grass that was behind the garage, which came pretty close to the back fence, bordering right up against the window to the conveyor belts holding the papers on it. Like most of the land in Wilmette, this is now newer condos and single family homes that have an extra 1/2 bath, a garage that's bigger than the house, and no yard (that sells for a minimum of $500,000).

Well, Pioneer Press and I met yet again. I submitted my engagement announcement yesterday. After finding some basic grammatical errors (of course) and getting those corrected (so don't tell me if you see anything wrong in the above b/c it's going to print) it should be set to show up right before Thanksgiving. What a great gift for the in-laws, right (a framed copy? Maybe I'm dreaming but I would love that gift from a daughter-in-law. I think it is very meaningful!). I'll let you all know how that process goes! In case you care, the link is here to "Share Your News" with Wilmette! Woo! By the way, nothing exciting really ever happens in Wilmette. I pretend that it's a big deal to have this add in the paper (not true). Cheers!