November 11, 2010

Hi Elva. I'm Mish.

I am a necklace person in case you haven't already noticed. They are by far my favorite piece of jewelery. I'm a big fan of the "I'm ready for work even though I'm wearing a Target brand wife beater tank because I dressed it up with a huge chunky necklace" look. I think it works. I've been wearing necklaces ever since I bought an orange necklace at Nordstrom Rack in 2006. It might sound strange that I remember the first necklace that I ever purchased for myself that was not a silver Tiffany necklace or a gift. I guess it stuck with me, because once I went statement necklace, I never went back. This will certainly call for a project of some sort down the line where I'll need to focus on involving organizing my necklaces that are currently in a canvas square container of mayhem sitting in my closet. I'll certainly have to do something about that soon.

Moving back to the point. I'm getting married in a little over a year. This calls for an extra special necklace, yes? I certainly thought so. I found an excellent necklace designer from the Magazine that specializes in fashion, entertaining, and design (and I believe is only available online). It's called Rue and is totally adorable. Thanks to a friend of mi
ne who showed it to me!

Website is called Elva Fields. She is a creative genius. I emailed their company and got a warm and friendly response back from Emily (who has t
wo art degrees and I believe her grandmother who inspired her whole line is named Elva). She apologized for the late response and mentioned she just had a baby. Adorable. I love her already. I love personal people. This is exactly what I was looking for, to create something for my big day. Questions Emily asked me in response to my note are below. I love how personal it is going to be. I think this is going to be a great fit. I've also included some images of her beautiful necklaces. I plan to get a custom made wedding piece. I won't describe it any further since Doug might read this and the surprise factor of Mish as a Bride would forever be ruined. Happy necklace hunting!

Any thoughts on overall themes for your wedding? (colors, ideas, location, etc.)

What does/will your dress look like?

Do you have specific style ideas in mind? (color, type/shape of stone, strands, length, vintage elements/accents, metal colors--white or yellow, clasp type etc.)

Do any styles on the website jump out at you for reference?

Do you have a particular budget in mind?

Any timeline for completion of your design?

Any additional thoughts or requests?

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