February 10, 2011

Be Mine

How adorable is Kate Spade. Seriously, I'm obsessed with her new valentines. I don't really like Valentine's Day, but I think that if it's done in a way that is quirky and different, it can be quite charming and fun. I was watching Modern Family last night when Jay (Ed O'Neil) tries to trick his wife, not only does it not work, but she sniffed out his whole plan, and flipped his trick on himself sealing the deal with "I WIN!" I love it. That's something I'd say. Doug and I don't, by any means, do elaborate things for Valentine's Day, but we do have our own tradition of breakfast for dinner and a HUGE bouquet of white flowers to my desk at work {wink wink}. No I'm kidding, I don't care about flowers as much as good food {if you know me at all, this is not surprising}. Speaking of which, our tradition offers excellent meals at a lower price usually. feel free to share our tradition. I had to share these Kate Spade e-Valentines. They are fun. I have the perfect friend (bridesmaid Kim to be exact) who would particularly like the "More than Coffee" Valentine. Ironically, it's her boyfriend that may need the "Bacon to My Eggs" card, given previous Halloween costumes! I love it (they were bacon & eggs). Cheers!


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