January 4, 2011

Rain Drops are Falling on my Couch.

Our ceiling leaked right before I left for Colorado. Of course, I was watching "Did You Hear about the Morgans" (worst/best movie ever that I unfortunately happen to love, sorry, because it helped me survive the flight coming home from South Africa when I had a swollen ankle that was so terrible, the swelling traveled up to the top of my knee cap). Point being, I was having a very nice relaxing evening thank you, when I thought a bug entered my vision. Nope certainly wasn't a bug. It was a drip of water. From the light fixture above the WHITE couch. I jumped to my feet to realize that it had apparently been dripping for hours, and had leaked through the entire couch already. The only type of this word I like to use is a type of veggie which I boil down and place into a savory soup, not the kind where water pours from your ceiling. Bleh. This had happened once before, but of course, this happened when I was alone in the apartment and Doug was already hitting the slopes where I'd meet him the next day.

I put a large bucket underneath the drip, ripped all the cushions from the couch, and realized that the water dripping was rusted color. Oh CRAP. How to clean? If you have been around me especially at work, you know I'm not a huge fan of West Elm customer service, so of course when I phoned the store, they said "take it to get dry cleaned." No thanks. I don't feel like spending $100 on this if I don't have to. Thank you Google.com for being amazeballs.
What to do if you are in a pickle and your cotton light furniture is stained.

Cool Water 1 cup

Dish washing liquid 1/3 cup

2 sponges (clean)

A beater that you use to make cream cheese frosting

Directions: Beat the mixture together until foamy. Wipe off the bubbles from the top of the mixture. Scrub it onto the couch. Use wet sponge to wipe away any residue. Blot with paper towels. Blow dry area if you'd like. Just don't blow a fuse like I did (that's another story for another time)! What a disaster. However, my cushions are spotless!

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