February 12, 2011

Orange Crush

Since moving to Wicker Park, I have become obsessed with Olivia's Market on Wabansia and Damen. It is the cutest neighborhood shop with charming orange awnings and floral arrangements in the windows. This is my "go to" place to swing by right after going to Dailey Method. That's exactly the routine that I performed today. Leave Dailey Method, walk to Olivia's, and then walk out in 10 minutes containing a dark chocolate Vosges bar (today I choose a Red Fire Bar with chipotle chillies and cinnamon flavored dark chocolate), a floral arrangement of some sort (I choose fresh white Spider Mums) and some snacks and cheese. I fulfilled all of my requirements for the day, passing up the wine section since I knew my parents were coming down to give Doug and I the gifts that some people had brought us last weekend for our engagement party (some of which included wine). I love cute shops like this that keep the neighborhood charm in tact, sorry, Jewel-Osco on the corner of Milwaukee, but you loose in this category. I love the strip of Damen stores and the shops around the corners, like Olivia's. They make me love where I live more and more. Today during my visit, the lady at the register told me the new dark chocolate in stock. I actually found that flattering that she remembered me! I'd advise you stop on into this market and take a few minutes to browse the unique treats that line the shelves. You'll find something special that you love. Plus, how many shops in town offer flowers AND wine and chocolates? It's like my MECCA!

Check out their website.

Enjoy your Saturday,

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