February 15, 2011

Valentines Day My Way

On Valentine's Day, Doug and I ventured to Hot Chocolate for BRUNCH. We have yet to eat brunch there & let me tell you, it was spectacular. For those of you who don't know about our tradition, it involves eating brunch on or the day before Valentine's Day as close to dinner time as possible. "Brinner" (breakfast for dinner) is my favorite, but unless cooked at home, it's pretty hard to pull off at a restaurant because their menu schedule (unless you are choosing to eat at a diner, which we did do one year, and it was actually excellent--who can beat pancakes and milkshakes for 14 dollars total?). I hate Valentine's Day. It's a made up holiday. The only reason I like it, is because of the flowers. Sorry for partying.

I ordered the smoked fish plate (trout and salmon with cucumbers, capers, and tomatoes, and noodle kuggle on the side!), along with a fresh seasonal fruit plate and Grey Goose Bloody Mary. I was thinking off the joke that Steve Martin tells in "My Blue Heaven" (worst movie ever that the Goldstein family LOVES) when he tells a bartender he "wants the drink from the night that Mary was killed, call the Bloody Mary." Doug ordered a potato pancake dish with Pork Belly and sunny side up eggs. 

{I love capers}
Hot Chocolate on Damen was FULL to the brim when we walked in. To our pleasant surprise, we only waiting about 30 minutes (walked up and down Damen store fronts for 20 minutes then came back and I talked about the cute babies in the restaurant...before we knew it, our table was ready). Doug also surprised me with flowers at my desk at work. So sweet that he knows I only like white flowers. Good boy for listening, Doug! Well done.

{Flowers from Doug on my desk at work}
I also appreciate funny cards to also be included in my Valentine's Day celebrations. I don't think the holiday should be made any worse with tacky cards. I got a Happy Valentine's Day Hot Tamale Card created by this quirky fun print shop in town that hand makes their cards, and additionally gives a good deal of money to helping homeless animals in the city of Chicago {awesome}. Plus I love tamales, not to mention that this card shows the "Tamale Man" that makes his way from Chicago bar to bar with a cooler of home made tamales. Best idea ever.

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day and that it involved minimal amount of red roses & Italian food. That's just way to expected in my opinion! 

By the way, here are some resources: 
La Familia Green Card Collection Website
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