December 14, 2010

Renegade Winter Fair

The day after the holiday party, I walked from the Dailey Method to the Renegade store in the snow. Wrong. The Renegade Winter Craft Fair 2010 was at the Pulaski Field house, a few minutes away in Wicker Park. I also found out that there was a trolley (free trolley!) that ran about every 15 minutes or so, over a couple of streets to the field house. Of course, since a friend was waiting for me, the trolley took it's sweet ass time getting me over there, but that's beyond the point. I love these craft fairs. They beat the heck out of any fairs that Lincoln Park has to offer. I was blown away (in my hungover state after the holiday party) of the variety and amount of booths that were displaying their goods. There were literally hundreds of folks that came to share their innovative crafts. Plus, I got my first taste of Mana sliders, and also was inspired by a gorgeous lamp that I'm going to re-make myself with corresponding fabrics from the Needle Shop. Stay posted for the lamp, and make sure your catch the trolley next year!

Check out the website!

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