December 16, 2010


Time for me to pay tribute to the trashiest yet BEST shop in the Ogilvie Transportation Center. It's called Shooz. I was just imitating that hilarious cleaning product (I think Lyscol) commercial when sponges are talking to each other and one goes to the other "Look! He's even cleaning 'shoewes' I don't even know what those are!" Funniest commercial ever. I'm sure like 1 out of the whole crew of people that actually read my blog (like 6 people I think) will actually know what I'm talking about. Pretty standard for me as well that I'm in my own world. Back to Shooz. One of my co-workers (a trendy yet very busy mom of 4 beautiful girls actually purchases most of her clothing and accessories, shoes included of course, at this little shop that resides in between Claire's and Borders in the train station). Super classy. Don't judge me! They have great jewelery.

I got out of a budget meeting this morning and needed some air because I felt dizzy. Well, sorry for partying, but this is where I ended the register signing my credit card bill for this $30 purchase. It looks J Crew, doesn't it? Well, I wore it out of the store, and felt completely happy and uplifted. Cheers to random finds that make your day. I know mine got better after this purchase and some dark chocolate from the Trader Joe's run I made last night after a few drinks and dinner at Mercadito (standard).

And, yes, I photographed my chest in my cube at work to get this photo. Totally fine.


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