December 15, 2010

Elementary School Brown Bag Lunch

I think the best part about elementary school was having your own area to store your personal items. I feel like everything is special with your own little cubby (is that how you spell that word? I honestly have no idea). Maybe I should explore putting that back into our apartment somewhere somehow. Could be pretty charming. For some reason, I find myself adding in more and more elements from classrooms into my home (from the chalkboards and entire chalk painted wall I'd like to do). I think I just like when things look cozy and personalized, basically exactly what my 3rd grade classroom consisted of with Mrs. Freed at McKenzie Elementary school. Look at these adorable little shelving units for your "to go" orders at Specialty's on Monroe. Each one is labeled. PRECIOUS!! I freaked out and whipped out my BBerry to get a (blurry, sorry) shot of this action. Sorry I'm a nerd if these things excite me. And by the way, try Specialty's. They rock and you can order online. Best for the South Loop people! Yeah! I get the vegan salad and the whole grain oatmeal cinnamon cookie. Delicious.

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