December 12, 2010

Mana a Mana

I don't know what is inspiring me to do so, but I've been eating less and less meat and more vegeterian cuisine. No, I'm not becoming a vegan eater who won't wear leather jackets, and no I'm not on any crazy diets, but I am finding that I not only feel better when I eat less meat, but it also allows me to focus on consuming more vegetables. Over the past year, I can confidentially declare that I've made a good deal of progress learning how to cook and prepare vegetarian dishes that are extremely savory and healthy too. That having been said, I'm finding all these new places from my favorite tour guide of Wicker Park, Molly, (you may remember her name from my MVP at the September housewarming party) that offer delectable vegetarian cuisine. MANA is the best vegetarian cuisine I've had in a long time.

How do I rave enough about this place? I am obsessed and I've only tried 3 items on their menu: their Mushroom Sliders, Beat Slaw, and Curry Cauliflower Sweet Potato dish (on brown rice with peas & a tomato sauce). On Division, on the 70 bus route, 2 doors down from an old school bakery is a modern looking store front (which sports a grey door awning vestibule in the winter) named Mana. The people are friendly, the menu is not too large, but offers an array of uniquely composed and Asian inspired flavors, and the interior is chic and incorporates dark wood with clean design touches (like carved wooden benches at a front bar). I've not yet had the chance to eat in the restaurant, (only eaten their sliders at the winter Renegade Craft Fair--which I'll certainly blog about--and at home last night when Doug and I decided to get carry out since it was cold, rainy, and Doug has a runny nose and sore throat). Their menu incorporates hot dishes and cold dishes into a perfected collection of flavors and textures to satisfy whatever you may be in the mood for. Small or Large portions are available too.

I highly urge everyone to make their way over to this spot. It's infrequent that extremely healthy eating meets flavor and flair. They were even featured in Chicago Social Interiors for their innovative stripped wood booths up against the wall opposite the bar.

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