December 18, 2010

Shot Ski Time

For Katie (my lovely bridesmaid and future sister in law), we threw an 80's ski party inspired by the fantastic movie titled "Aspen Extreme." Just take my word for it, everyone should watch it. I was pretty concerned with pulling together the bridesmaid "take out" containers that evening, not to mention that the weather was really terrible that night (it was gusting winds and sleet raining as I ran final errands prior to the party) so, unlike most parties I throw, I just wanted to keep the food pretty simple and non fussy. I made one of my signature Quinoa dishes and then simply had a cheese platter (in addition to some random snacks that Doug purchased--to his credit, he did run all errands early in the morning in addition to purchasing the Sweet Many B's cupcakes I ordered).

Everyone came over between 7 and 8. It was a swell time. The shot ski was a hit and we finally got to consume some of the Amarula Liqueur (similar to Bailey's that we brought back from South Africa). Most importantly, I was extremely comfortable all night in my one piece snow suit. I may have Doug do a special step by step tutorial at some point about how to make a shot ski. I think that might be fun to learn. It's basically figuring out the best way to attach shot glasses to a ski. Super Glue from Joann Fabrics works like a charm. I kind of just wanted to make sure that I had this photo below somewhere, so that in 15 years my kids will understand that we DID do cool things like bring shot ski's into bars (the interior of Small Bar on Division is below). Good luck with your own shot ski. It's a guaranteed good time in 80's ski wear. I highly recommend it.

A new thing I learned after this experience: Craft stores sell fake snow. I bought 3 bags of it because it was 40% off! It added much needed ski lodge flair (and also since it was raining outside, it certainly lifted spirits).

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