February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day at Mrs Dunn's

{Look at this little nugget! So cute!}
{He named all his strawberries "Jerry, Terry, Larry"}

{I continued to crack up}

If anyone knows me in the least, it's apparent that I like chubby babies. Little kids I find adorable, I call nuggets. No I don't want one, but I love fat fingers on little kids. I know it sounds creepy, but just move past that fact for me. I want to share my experience doing community outreach with our partner charter school at work. We fund their first grade class programs, and go and spend time with the cuties each year a few times on specific holidays (this time was Valentine's Day in particular). I had the best time ever. I had a dance party, some stimulating conversation with the cutest little chubby boy in the room, and have been happy about it all week. Some photos of our strawberry making festivities are included.
{Dance party continues}
{Woo! Hoo! Maybe corporate America isn't for me?}

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