November 9, 2010


No, not RAW as in the wierdo wrestling stuff on TV. RAW as in the really expensive yet delicious salad that I purchased yesterday during my lunch break from the seminar that I was taking ("Learning to Make Better Critical Decisions" for my professional development) across the street. (The worst Critical Decision I think I made yesterday was attending an 8 hour workshop in the same stuffy conference room--thank god I brought my own snacks). I went across the street to the French Market which is located basically within the Ogilvy Train Station (I have fond memories of commuting from Wilmette and taking the train to the loop throughout my college summers and the start of my professional career. Since then, the stores in and around this station have blossomed. Don't worry, the store "Shooz" is still there which I've purchased numerous pairs of impulse buy shoes & Claire's will always be a staple on the lower level as well).

Raw. What amazing food for lunch. Sorry about the strange Blackberry photo, but even in it's fuzzy-ness, you can tell how fresh and colorful the salad is! Seriously it made a difference in my day (and also the weight of my wallet, yes, but it was worth it) yesterday. The Raw food booth at this market area incorporates 100% organic raw vegan food into all their products without altering or diminishing the nutritional content. Yesterday I had the most fresh and healthy vegetable salad complete with micro greens, beats, a zesty lemon dressing and incredibly fresh beats and avocados. Everything was perfectly fresh and cold. Their dishes feature all organic ingredients and includes fresh salads, pizzas, pastas, muffins and granola, with a focus on nut-free items.
Two ladies, Carole and Polly (what cute names, right?) created this line of food for enjoyment. Their site is absolutely adorable. I suggest you have a look. Click here

I highly recommend. Get there for lunch soon! It's on the street level near the Washington CVS.

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