November 5, 2010

Proposal Details.

The story involves my making Doug partake in a (probably really lame) roof-top holiday card photo session (wearing plaid and jeans with vests, our standard attire) with one of our cameras on a timer & tripod. I was going to have a friend from work take the pictures instead, but Doug suggested that we just "give it a try on the roof with his camera since he had brought it home from work." I agreed that it was worth a try.

Last Sunday, October 31st, I was having a rocky morning & decided to take a nice jog to lift my spirits up a bit. Before I took off for my run, Doug asked me specifically how long I would be gone for. Thinking nothing of it, I mentioned that I'd be gone for no more than 40 minutes (I love to run, but let's face it, I'm certainly not a "runner" and require 2 layered sports bras to keep everything in place while I'm hoping around). Maybe next year I'll train for a 1/2 marathon. That's my ultimate goal!

Back to the story.

So, as I left for my run, I remember being pleasantly surprised that Doug had interest in joining in my girly idea of making a holiday card, so I was really excited while on my run.
Everyone knows I love holiday cards more than any Jewish girl should. I already started listening to holiday music on my iPod (my favorites include Frank Sinatra Christmas, Amy Grant Holiday Compilation, Charlie Brown Christmas, and of course Mariah Carey). I returned from my run feeling energized, did some of my Dailey Method planks on the dining room floor per usual, and then showered and got ready quickly, dressing up in my plaid shirt from the Gap and Gap jeans to match Doug's getup.

We were up on the roof taking our photos with the city in the background in our plaid, and Doug decided that this was the day since he had the ring in the house for a week (thank God I didn't clean out that closet like I planned to or else my Type A personality would have caused him to be forced into an unplanned early proposal!).

That day, he brought it up in his vest and was planning to propose during our picture taking. Our neighbor was up on the deck, which put a tad of a wrench in his plans. Because of that factor that was not accounted for, Doug ended up "shifting the camera to get a better angle of the city" (which was really to move to a different area of the roof so our gardening neighbor on her roof deck didn't see what was about to happen). After suggesting that we do a "jumping shot" and getting rejected by Doug (who just wanted to make sure the ring stayed in tact in his pocket), he set the camera for a 10 shot series of photos. The camera was cued. Instead of resuming his normal place in the photo, Doug reached into his pocket and got down on one knee.

I had no idea what he was doing and said "Doug why are you kneeling for the photo for our holiday card, I wanted to do a jumping pose here." Well, duh Mish, he was trying to propose. I thought he was joking and just kept saying "DOUUG what are you doing?"
I guess I knew what he was doing when he started to try to get his prepared speech out, but spurted out two words of the first sentence of it, looked like he was going to pass out, then said "Mish I love you. Will you marry me?" After a few minutes of shock (basically what the 10 photos all look like) I said yes and gave him a big hug. I didn't really even notice what the ring looked like right away because I was so surprised! After I said yes, he pulled out flowers and wine that he hid (not sure how I missed it on the roof-guess Holiday Cards distract me!) while I was getting ready.

What a clever way to propose. Well done, Doug!

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