November 4, 2010

Minted is a great site for holiday cards and all paper needs in general. It's the spot to be when it comes to finding that creative template you need for the holidays or for an announcement that isn't corny nor over embellished. I hate those tacky websites that just don't understand that there should be a way to get a trendy holiday card without necessarily needing to know Photo Shop or InDesign (although I'd love to learn those programs very badly). Above it our holiday card. Yes, I convinced Doug to take these photos on our roof, but I thought it was a cute idea that wasn't embarrassing. Originally my inkling was to wear my one piece snow suit on the roof and take some quality photos, but it was nice and warm outside, plaid shirts were a little more comfortable, and it just so happened that Doug proposed that day (only a few moments after the photo on our holiday card was taken) and I don't think that I would really want engagement photos from the moment while wearing an 80's tie die suit.

I spent a pretty good amount of time two nights ago finding a design that I liked on It was worth the search. The one we landed on is clean, simple, and not too tacky. I used the special password that is good for a few more days in order to get free shipping. Plus, envelopes came with the order. I just wanted to cut costs as much as I could, so didn't choose to select any of the more elaborate items available for customers. I am a huge fan of what this ended up looking like! Plus, they emailed me a proof via email that I had to open in a PDF and approve before their printing the entire quantity. Excellent idea! I love that. Well done minted. Can't wait to send this little nugget of joy over to my friends.


Happy early holidays,

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