November 5, 2010

At Least I Have a Cute Dentist.

Disclaimer: Doug, I'm really sorry if you are reading this now because you'll know that I'm already doing a good deal of wedding planning secretly (well maybe not so secretly anymore after this post). I'm just too excited. Don't worry, I won't engage you nor my father until I have all my initial browsing/investigating/and availability searching all figured out. Then I'm happy to hear your suggestions or ideas.

One of the first phone calls I made was to my favorite candy store, after getting engaged. And yes, I will write more about the engagement story when I have a moment. I have decided (after the roommate glanced to my computer screen and as I was about to upload our photos from the proposal he said "are you sure that you want to share those? They are private") to keep the images taken on Sunday as between Doug and I, since it was our moment. I hope you don't mind. Anyways, I digress. Candyality. Best candy store ever. It's located close by to one of my first Chicago apartments, on Southport in Lakeview (right by the Brown Line stop). Although my taste buds are slightly shifting from a vodka all night and gummy candy after-hour snack, to a red wine and dark chocolate palette, I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for whatever magical gummy bears that are available via Candyality.

This place knows their stuff, let me tell you. It's one of those old school looking places with the clear bins that don't stay open when you try to scoop up the treats. They also have sugar free options (stay away from those, I don't want to ever get into details, but it's really not worth the misery to follow after eating a handful).

So, after contacting this lovely little shop. I am now in contact with the Wedding Candy Specialist (if I'm ever unemployed again, I guess I know my new position I'm applying for). I'm going to be ordering bulk pineapple gummies and maybe some of those delicious dusted grapefruit triangles for my wedding sweets table. (Yes, I'm having a sweets table, and yes, the only colors allowed on there will be white and black...dark chocolate that has a brown tone is allowed, too, don't worry).

And yes, my co-workers and I have an excellent (cute) dentist 3 blocks away. I guess it's worth the cavities!

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