October 25, 2010

Got Pork Cheek?

In between warehouses in the West loop (mostly meat related slogans written on the exterior building walls) you'll find a heavy glass door leading to the land of meat and beer, otherwise known as Publican.

I treated Doug to brunch last Sunday. To sum up our experience, I'll just say "
pork cheek sandwich" and leave it at that. In the words of Harry Caray, "HOLY COW." This Gouda cheese covered gem of a sandwich with roasted tomato remoulade & pork jus for dunking was quoted to be, by Doug (sandwich connoisseur), "one of the best sandwiches he'd ever had." If you know Doug at all, he means business when it comes to sandwiches. He doesn't mess.

Besides that sandwich of joy, I ordered a fantastic (chilled dish) of smoked arctic char apples, onions, celery root & fromage blanc. It was a heaping portion of arctic char with green apples that were cold and crispy. To add, their drink selection is quite interesting. I put the Bloody Mary that Doug ordered. I love how Publican seems to choose each item for a specific purpose. Each beverage and food choice is a perfected and perfectly portioned dish (as opposed to some restaurants with 25+ menu selections that only seem to overwhelm especially at brunch hour), and this is consistent throughout the beverages.

bloody mary Tito’s Vodka (Austin, Texas),
publican mix, house-made celery bitters
& one of the following beer accompaniments:
Metropolitan Brewing (Chicago, Illinois)
Krankshaft K├Âlsch—7
Goose Island, (Chicago, IL)
Green Line—7
New Holland Brewing Company (Holland, Michigan)

New Holland Night Tripper—7

Click here for their site, including their Menu selection.

I must remind, that we have been here a few times for other meals, dinners mostly. I actually think their brunch gives their dinner menu some competition...something to consider during your next visit.

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