October 26, 2010

Find me a Find.

Not sure why the title is from the song Matchmaker Matchmaker make me a match...maybe because I am continuously looking for special "finds" that are inexpensive and unique to add character to my living room.

We have huge built in shelving that covers the right and left side of our fireplace. They are dark wood, almost black in stain. They are uniquely shaped rectangles. As you can imagine, when we moved in, expanding our items from and 850 square foot apartment to one nearly 3 times larger requires some intense shopping for trinkets. I hate that word but I can't think of anything better to describe that which will fill the shelving areas. We have purchased a few things to date that I particularly enjoy--especially because they are still somewhat streamline and simple and white and clean looking. Nothing like items on shelves that just look fussy and disorganized. Not very
Mish type A style if I may say so. Above is a photo of a clock that I purchased from West Elm and stacked on top of a collection of my/Doug's books. Seems like it would also be a great gift for the holidays.
Link: Wood Mantle Clock

I found an excellent ceramic head sculpture at Urban Outfitters a couple of weeks ago. I felt like it would look interesting in our living room shelving as well. I was right (I think! I haven't heard any complaints from Doug). I'm actually cracking up right now because I realized, upon looking it up online that it's a jewelery stand. Well, no offense Urban Outfitters, but I think it much better this way than in a bedroom (or wherever you put a jewelery stand?). That makes me think, how would you actually put belongings (minus necklaces, that would probably work nicely) onto this piece? Neither here nor there. I think it's kick ass in my living room so booya Urban Outfitters (if anyone has seen the Chipmunks movie previews and heard them say it, that's how I just said it out loud to my computer. Doug makes me say it in chipmunk voice all the time).
Link: Head Reviews

I found, while shopping around at West Elm, these adorable lanterns in the sale section. I have no idea what you use them for (they are too pretty to go outdoors) but they looked like they could add some texture to the shelving, so they made the cut. I actually can't seem to find these online anymore, but I know that there are tons of inexpensive trinkets at West Elm. I love it.

I am going to Home Goods tomorrow with a co-worker of mine to search for more items to fill our home. I am hoping to score some vintage items that I can even paint myself if I think they are too busy for the room. I'm looking forward to it!

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