October 17, 2010

Knit Stitch, Knit Stitch, Knit Stitch, and PURL.

Yes. In knitting there is actually a word titled "PURL." It's a specific stitch where you loop the yarn the opposite way around your needle as done in a knit stitch. I know this because I'm learning how to knit. Well actually, I learned this past weekend in a class at a local...I'm sure the word is not "knittery" but I'll call it that. I took a class with two other trendy ladies (I imagined 70+ years old in my head when walking down the street to Nina to learn how to get started with this new craft on Sunday) which was an incredible relief. I hadn't become aware that knitting is actually a relatively reborn art and a good amount of younger people do this activity, not just grandmothers. I was making up song throughout the class. The teacher thought I was hilarious. Phew. She also called me a "Type A knitter." I'm not surprised at ALL by this since I'm highly type A in life.

Now, moving on to Nina, the knitting store. What an adorable slice of heaven. If I could live in a store (minus Anthropologie, J Crew, and a couple of high ranking Mecca's) this would probably make one of my top 15 places. It's absolutely a charming haven of colored yarn organized my thickness and style. The walls are clean white, the windows in the front of the store are wide and add character to the smaller size of the shop. A combination of slightly frumpy, slightly crunchy, yet extremely welcoming women work the front desk and teach the courses. Despite their unique looks and mannerisms, one thing unites them--they know their knitting!

I found out about a course through my co-worker, and decided it was time to try new things. From Dailey Method on Damen, and the shops on Division, I decided that I should continue on my quest to really soak up all that my immediate neighborhood has to offer. I took a two hour class on Sunday. It was the basics of how to start. It felt very foreign to me at first, then my little hands picked it up very quickly (we always joke about how my hands and chest are not proportional to each other because one is abnormally small and the other larger than my frame should really allow...). It's basically following a pattern, knowing your yarn size, and your needle size (and how many stitches per inch you should be aiming for in order to successfully complete a specific pattern). I'm now working on my first scarf. It's in a rich glossy sheenfull (my made up word) navy yarn that's pretty thick. I find it extremely therapeutic. I actually wanted to learn to make Christmas stockings. Not sure how that will work out, but I'll try to get to those as well after I finish this scarf.

I highly recommend taking a quick class. Time flies when you are having fun knitting!

This is how you sign up.
This is the home page of the Nina Website.

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