January 9, 2011

Tofu Smoothie Magic

Thought I'd share my favorite way to get protein these days. Tofu in my smoothies. I read about this as one of the suggestions from one of my favorite sectors of Martha Stewart's empire: Whole Living magazine & website. Recently, I've made two smoothies using almond milk and tofu in them. Yes, tofu. I know you'd think that sounds absolutely disgusting, but it's really a creamy and wonderful protein addition to any smoothie, nearly making it taste like a milk shake as far as consistency is concerned. My favorite version of this that I'm actually consuming right now is what I'm going to call a Healthy Banana Milkshake. Ingredients below. Seriously try it, you'll love it. Photo from Whole Living.

1 cup vanilla almond milk
1/5 serving size Lite Firm Tofu (mine is from Whole Foods)
1/2 scoop vanilla soy protein

1 banana

1 small handful of ice cubes
1 tiny pinch Truvia sweetener (I think everything is better with this stuff in it, and it's certainly healthier than Splenda, my ex, since it's a good deal more natural ingredient wise)

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