January 29, 2011

Chariots of Fire

I'm seriously pumped. I can actually run more than 5 miles outdoors. This has never really happened to me. I'm so glad that I chose to partake in the Fleet Feet morning run. No, not because I actually ran with them, but to basically make me understand that I am able to run for longer than I think, without music, and even in the cold. Molly picked me up in front of my apartment at 7:25am, which, after a night of heavy red wine drinking, was kind of struggle. I think I was drunk when we first started. I wore my regular socks in addition to my menorah socks. It's fine. My feet get cold in the winter. We ran 3 miles to Fleet Feet in Lincoln Park. After that, came the intimidating chat from the people really training for legitimate marathons--they were super intense and super skinny, and were chatting about bathroom stops for miles 10 and 11. Wow. Not there yet. I ran for about 1.5 miles with the team, then split off from them, turned around, and ran from Mon Ami Gabi to Whole Foods on North Avenue. I'm assuming that was about another mile or so. All in all, I think I did about 6 miles, or a little over that. I just checked it via Gmaps Pedometer. Coolest Site ever. Look how cool the city looked from crossing over the bridge near Old Navy (Clybourn/North area). Also, for proof, is the group I ran a little with. I think I could legitimately train for some type of race in the future. Woo! I'll keep you posted if I can walk tomorrow.

By the way, extra credit goes to Doug who picked me up from Whole Foods after. Produce shopping and an almond milk coffee is the way to go.

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