January 30, 2011

Girl and the Goat Part 2

We went back to G & G with two friends of ours. They are a hilarious couple. We ordered similar items to the first time we visited this spot including the browned cauliflower dish, the sweet potato blue cheese gratin, and the chickpea fritters along with the sausage stuffed calamari. This place rocks. It's always full, it's always bustling (which makes me feel like I want to stay there for prolonged amounts of time) and the menu is so versatile, that it's nearly impossible not to find at least 3 dishes you could eat the crap out of regardless of the audience you are with. The service is always excellent (minus the fact that our waitress was crazy LOUD and talked so much that we were laughing every time she came over because it stressed me out a bit...I'm going to hell I know--in 2011 I need to work on my patience). I like lighter dishes and less red meat. Doug wanted to try the pig face with the fried egg on top (no it didn't look like a pig face) and thoroughly enjoyed it. {Needless to say, the entire time we ate, we kept repeating "IN THE FACE" Eddie Murphy style from Coming to America, one of the greater films of all time, obviously.}

Make a reservation ASAP. Even if it's 3 months in advance like those that I've made. Next reservation will probably be the front table which is an extension of the bar...for my chlorate party weekend extravaganza! Woo!

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