August 20, 2010

Jewish Penicillin

However much I'd like to follow that title of the blog and talk about something like Matzo Ball Soup (like that which Van Wilder gives to sick boy in that fantastic film), I regret to inform, that's not so much the case. I have been feeling really drained despite my healthy eating (minus a couple of glasses of wine here and there and a slight obsession with gummies and/or dark chocolate). It's probably a result of my over-planning my schedule (which I'm working on...I even got a new planner to better manage my schedule) and consequential lack of sleep, I'm also putting myself on a new regimen, effective starting earlier this week, which comprises of a few components:
1. Supplement: In addition to eating healthy, I'm going to include more vitamin and mineral supplements to test out if these products have any affect on my well-being. I purchased a couple of items this morning at CVS Pharmacy (and although they were not included on my FSA--Flex Spending Account--Card, I feel as though they were well worth the purchase price). I purchased items that I remember I used to take living with my dietitian mother growing up, so figured I was on the right track with my selection.
  • Calcium Chews: Bone strength
  • Vitamin C: 500 MG, supports immune system health
  • B-12: 250 MG, supports circulatory and nerve health (heard it helps with hangovers, which unfortunately, I should probably try since I do love my wine as I mentioned earlier)
  • One-A-Day Women's Vitamins: I used to work on this brand when I was employed at my previous place of work. Although I hated working there, I did enjoy their products.
  • Protein: I try to always remind myself to have enough protein. If I was stranded on an island, I could probably survive on carbohydrates and sugar. Give me a loaf of wheat bread and a pack of Twizzlers and I would be happy as a clam. I'm a huge fan of protein bars, an item I'll blog about in the near future. One of my favorite types are Zone Bars, Fudge Graham flavor and also Peanut Butter flavor.
2. Chug: I'm constantly reminding myself to drink more water (at least 4-6 20 FL OZ bottles per day at work, which is more challenging than I had originally anticipated). Especially if I workout in the morning, I try to have at least 2 smaller water bottles of refills before 10:00am. Yes, I pee a good deal, but my headaches went away, so it's an equal trade off in my opinion.

3. Find New Muscles: If you like to "plank" then you should try Dailey Method (I wish I could afford to do it daily). Even if you hate planks (I'm included in this categorization) this is a "must." Thanks to a co-worker of mine, I've been able to re-discover my inner thighs, my upper triceps, my core, and my butt. Walking out of these classes, I feel like 1 million bucks. They are challenging yet relaxing at the same time, given that they incorporate stretching & strengthening at the same time. Although they aren't necessarily cheap, I feel as though they are well worth it. I feel rehabilitated and realigned after doing (what I originally thought was) an hour of semi-awkward movements wearing mini booties on my feet and standing in a room filled to the brim with Lulu Lemon tanks. Never fear! Dailey Method is here. Sign up online. I highly recommend.
View the Dailey Method Site.

4. Organize: I have always been an organized person. However, I recently moved to Wicker Park, and somewhere in there, my organization took a pause. I felt more overwhelmed if I didn't remember that I had agreed to a dinner or plans with a friend, got really exhausted, and just decided to purchase a new teal planner. It starts with the "normal" size dates on September 1 2010 (so what I have filled out that is partially visible in the photo is my notes to myself on the final weeks of August). I actually ended up heading over to Barnes and Noble after some all day drinking (nice) and picked up this little inexpensive $20.00 planner.
Visit the Barnes and Noble Site for the simple bright colored planners here from roughly $15-$40 dollars. A steal if you ask me! My Type A self is back on track again. Phew!

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