December 7, 2010

We are a Family!

I'd love to incorporate photographs of my family into two walls of photos during the cocktail hour of my wedding. You are probably thinking that I'm going off into the deep end because I have distinct visions of what my wedding cocktail hour is going to look like, but tough.

I think that it's really important and interesting to highlight heritage, especially during your wedding. I have had this link bookmarked for a while, so I plan to go ahead and incorporate this into my "move-able" walls within the Terzo Piano Space of the Modern Wing. Did I mention that the contract holding the space for October 22, 2011 is officially i
n (as of this morning) and the space is ours! Woo! (I refuse to say "hootie hoo" like Carla from Top Chef but I almost did). That having been said, I think it's causing me to embark on this visualization overload to figure out how to bring the space to life now that I know it's ours for the special day.

I love the photos above. I obviously don't want it to be crazy busy (luckily, my family isn't that big) but I think that I have a collection of white Pottery Barn
Frames that I think might be able to suffice for this purpose as well. The below photograph I found on and realized that my frames I already own are similar. Might be a nice way to use something I already have and pull together some black and white photographs of my grandparents, and Doug's grandparents, too. Plus, if I need to order extra frames, I guess I know I would certainly use them again. I am planning to do a photo wall of about 20 frames in my entry hallway. This could be pretty cool! I'll keep you posted on how this project turns out. You know how long it takes to compile photos, so I want to start collecting them as soon as I can!

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