December 4, 2010


This past Friday was a really good Friday. Schedule for Friday, December 3rd is below in addition to photos. This was certainly one to remember.

3:00pm-5:00pm: UNITED CENTER

5:30pm-7:00pm: PRE GAME PARTY @ my APT
7:30pm-3:00am: HOLIDAY work PARTY (actually 2:45 I was technically at Sarpino's Pizza & had fallen asleep on my purse. Classy).

United Center:
I am still freaking out right now from being able to stand on the United Center ice rink. We had a work related event there for our exchanges customers, and since I'm moving to a new team at work, and the team was well aware of my slight lifelong obsession with the Blackhawks, so I was lucky enough to be able to join!

Sitting on the bench was a one in a lifetime experience. I was actually nervously excited when we were walking through the hallway which lead us to the door to I was reminded, though, that the United Center is nothing without its fans. Seeing the venue empty was reall
y strange, actually. No loud Blackhawks fans shouting or boozing. The fans really are everything to Chicago. I'd say we've got to be the most supportive fans of all Chicago sports in general (win or loose, our fans always cheer and booze). No wonder Denis Savard was so awesome to the people around him....the fans are a huge aid in keeping the Chicago NHL alive and blossoming. I even got to see Denis do one of his infamous "spin" moves (now adopted by Patrick Kane) in the scrimmage!

Holiday Party:

We went to an obscenely huge party at the Museum of Science and Industry. I was too drunk when I got there so of course I didn't take any photos of the museum, sorry for partying. I rushed home from the United Center, expensed a cab (I hope that was alright, I didn't really ask before doing so, oops), came home and threw on my dress while cleaning the hou
se. A few of my favorite co-workers cam over for a pre-party. We drank so much and danced like maniacs before leaving for the party, we b-lined straight to the food (okay, fine, and the bar as well) right when we got there (after of course, going down 4 flights of stairs, checking our coats in, and then going all the way up an escalator into the party).

It was
a really cool layout, but I don't think that it really worked for the group this year. I swear there were 1,000 people in attendance. Not ideal for getting trashed with co-workers! We ended up in this area of the museum completely boozed up that resembled a DJ table of sorts, but it was an interactive platform of lights that corresponded with beats. It's hard to describe. I think there were currents from the computerized screen below it that triggered certain pulses of light and a corresponding rhythm. Needless to say, it was awesome after all our drinking. We were like little kids. Gotta love museums for parties.

I wore a Kate Spade necklace with my black J Crew dress. Excellent and easy outfit. The necklace was my favorite! Perfect for a winter festive jewelry piece.

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